If you are looking for the best stag do destinations in the world, you can think about Budapest city as it is one of the amazing places that you would love to visit in your life. It is a beautiful city filled with history and endless life activities for entertainment.

You need to start the Budapest Stag Do in style, easy, and stress-free because there are a couple of things to choose from, especially if you are planning a stag weekend. Besides the brilliant and trending stag activities, it will be a privilege to spend a fraction of what you are used to because this welcoming city offers fair prices for their visitors.

The following are the incredible activities to do in Budapest city:

Visit the Historical Buda Castle

This is a historical place that you would not want to miss when you visit Budapest. The castle, being part of the world’s heritage site with a strange history, you would be curious to visit so that you can see it for yourself. You will visit the Budapest history museum to see the national gallery as well as the culture of the people in the city.

Apart from the castle tours, you will enjoy the several festivals that are conducted by the people in the city to treasure their culture. This is an amazing place to spend your 24 hours a day to enjoy the fantastic history of the city as well as the national gallery.

The Parliament Building

The parliament building is the most recognizable structure that you literally cannot miss to visit. Most people who visit this place are impressed by the changing of guards. This will attract your attention to spending hours.

Remember that this parliament is the third largest in the world and this means a lot to any visitor. You will be shocked to know the history of this building because the building took 17 years of construction. If you plan to visit the parliament building, you need to book in advance since they have limited lines and specific visiting days.

Bars and Nightclubs

The bars, nightclubs, and restaurants in Budapest are hard to describe, but you would not believe the incredible appearance and fun in these places. They are rare types of bars that you will not find in every city you visit. Most importantly, you will want to visit the ruin bars, which are located in an abandoned building since World War II.

Most of these bars are located along the street, but they are unique because you would not even recognize them, but you will be impressed with the appearance once you get in. The rooms in the bars are strange and quite different, making it more of a fun visit in the oldest bars in the city.

Jewish Cemetery Tour

The Jewish Cemetery is a unique place in Budapest, where you will want to see the oldest burial ground. The environment around the cemetery is worth visiting. You will want to see how the atmosphere in the graveyards feels like. This is a strange place, but it is fun to visit so that you can hear the weird sounds, watch the fallen tombstones, and take some photos for memories.

So what are you waiting for? Start packing for your vacation and have a memorable stag party with your friends!