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Famous boulevard crossing Montreal

from east to west


Sir Joseph:

British pub, organic wines, cocktails and beers inspired by the british heritage






Lucille’s oysters  6/12.  or  12/21.


Grated oysters + spinach  6/18.  or  12/32.


Lucille’s oysters (12) + btl of bubbles Parés Baltà  50.


Rice chips with malt vinegar  4.


Small green salad  5.


Large fries + mayo  5.


Onion bhajis  8.

cari mayo


Cesar salad  12.

classic + hot lardons 


Pickled Jar   7.

tongue, eggs, onions, sausages + carrots


 Fried calamari  12.

salsa verde + spicy sour cream


House marinated salmon  13.

fennel salad + citrus supremes


 Grilled Rarebit  9. + fries  13.

stout bechamel sauce, caramelized onions, cheddar


Cod «Fish n’ chips»  16.

«mushy peas» + tartar sauce


«Bangers and mash»  1/8. ou 2/12.

sausages, mashed potatoes + coleslaw


Sir’s Burger (6oz)  9. + frites  13.

BLT + cheddar + pickles


« Shrimp Popcorn »  9.

spicy lime mayo


Turkey wings  13.

braised then BBQ layered + coleslaw


« Mac & Cheese »  8.

full of bacon


«Irish Stew»  16.

stout braised lamb, carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms,

mashed potatoes


Charcuterie platter - Sir’s choice -  small/12. -  large/19.

Worker’s plate (charc. and + cheese mixed platter)  19.




«Irish coffee»  8.

Brownie au chocolat  5.

Cheese cake  7.5.








Apérol Spritz  10.

Apérol, cava, soda


Scotch Fashioned  9.

McLelland’s scotch, angostura,

canne sugar, orange peel


Pimm’s Cooler  9.

Pimm’s, lemon juice,

canne syrup, soda, apple slice


Manchester Sour  9.

Bourbon Jim Beam,

Amaro Montenegro,

lemon juice, canne syrup


Creampari  9.

Campari, orange peel, angostura, cream ale


Sir's Floater  9.

Gin, Mr. Crémeux's ice cream,

tonic, lime zest



Bitburger 0,0 %

Glutenberg red (no glut.)

London Pride blonde (500ml)

Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown (500ml)

London Porter (500ml)

ESB Champion Ale (500ml)

Smithwick’s (can - 500ml)

Guinness (can - 440ml)




La Joseph (scotch ale)

Joséphine (rousse)

Blonde à Baptiste

McAuslan Pale Ale

Hefe Weizen


McAuslan IPA

McAuslan Cream Ale


Oatmeal Stout





Bloody Mate 9.                                             Gin, clamato, worcestershire,

tabasco, bbq spices


French ‘75’  10.

Gin, lemon, sugar, cava


Gimlet Cucumber  8.

Gin, cucumber, lime juice,

canne syrup


London ’P’  9.

Pimm’s Cup #1, Gin, cucumber,

ginger ale


Sir Manhattan  9.

CC small batch 12 ans,

sweet vermouth, bitter


Laurent  9.

Bourbon Jim Beam, Apérol,

lime juice, canne sugar











"I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me."


-Winston Churchill







Sunday to Saturday: 4pm - Closing




4902 blvd. St-Laurent, Mtl, H2T1R5






Every sunday, it's british sunday!


From 10am to 3pm, come feast yourself at

"The Sir's brunches"